Monday, September 22, 2008

November 2008

In the upcoming presidential election, I will rock the vote (Let's tell the MTV campaign I've done what they requested.) by choosing Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, pretending that I will actually be eighteen by November 2008. 

Senator Obama and I would get along very well I suspect. He and I share similar opinions on many issues.

Barack Obama and I are both on the same side of the abortion issue both of us being pro-choice. He and I both agree that abortion should not be the choice you run to, but it should be an option to women desperately in need. For once, Facebook has said it best. An icon from the popular application Pieces of Flair said, "Pro-Choice not Pro-Abortion."

In addition to this, I find him leading the way for many other pressing demands of state. He plans to end the war in Iraq for more honorable pursuits such as finding Osama bin Laden, the ringleader of terrorist attacks in America.

Also, Obama , I find, is more amiable than other hopeful, John McCain. Barack Obama seemed more cooperative in the first presidential debate. He conceded with some of the views presented by Senator McCain.

Overall, Barack Obama seems the most capable man for the job of Commander-in-Chief.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The World of Zeda Lou

Let me introduce you to Zeda Lou from Xanadu. Let me begin by describing this unusual looking girl. She has emerald green hair that she wears to her collarbone. She has salmon pink skin and violet eyes the color of a royal's gown. In the center of her head, an antenna spurts from her scalp. This antenna permits her to gauge the intentions of others. Additionally, Zeda has a distinct personality. She has a very dry sense of humor. Zeda is very sarcastic and witty, delivering jokes with a biting quickness. Having been raised by strict parents, Zeda also has impeccable manners. Finally, Zeda is very heroic. She has a stalwart loyalty to her loved ones and will battle for them with her powers, she knows who intends harm. With a sharp tongue, she will defend those dear to her. With her omniscient appendage, Zeda will save her planet from the wrongdoing of villains.