Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sophomore Year-Thus Far

My sophomore year at Batesville High School has been a year of firsts.

It began with a first day at high school which was both thrilling and terrifying at the same time. I was elated with the feeling of being older, more mature. All the while, I was scared of what my teachers would make of me and what the upper classmen would think as the 'newbies' entered the door. I walked doe-eyed through the hall searching for the room number of the upcoming class and a familiar face who might know their own way around and could help me.

It was a year of first struggle with friends. My year was full of tears as we all adjusted to how we were changing just as those all around us were. Where did we stand anymore?

It was year of first trust as my parents finally saw me as old as I saw myself. I wasn't a baby anymore. They believed that right along with me.

It was a year of new technology with a new blog started. 

It was a year of finally being proud of my work. 

It was a year of first independence.

The semester ended with my first license-a first real freedom. I thought I felt big entering the front doors in August. That day was nothing compared to how I felt driving with my sister to Sonic for a sorely needed Dr. Pepper. 

The year is only half through. I know many more firsts are promised to me. 

After all, this has been a year of change.

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