Saturday, June 20, 2009

Does This Mean I'm Empathetic?

In chapter seven of Daniel H. Pink's radical work A Whole New Mind, I read about the sought after trait of empathy in workers of tomorrow. Pink seemed to stress a single idea-an ounce of empathy brings much to oneself and the people with whom one surrounds himself.

In fact, one of Pink's quotes was, " Empathy is mighty important." (Chapter 7, pg 160, para. 2)

The act of empathy can even help us decipher a person's facial expression into the emotion they are then feeling. Knowing how a person feels is the first step to getting inside their head. To determine how best to help them.

For instance-as Pink describes-a doctor can feel a patient's worry and fear at the symptoms they are suffering. By realizing that a patient is truly afraid about the strangeness going on about their body, they can take a few further steps to help them. Take a level beyond the norm. A doctor could help save a life.

I was curious about this chapter. I began to really evaluate just how well I empathized with others. Pink's research informed me that, yes, females do tend to empathize better than males. (Shh. I knew that already.)

Daniel Pink published a url address that was the link to a quiz to read a person's emotions through only their eyes.

For example:

I received a score of 29. This fell into the usual range (22-30) for test takers. Anything above a 30 was considered a very accurate reading. So, I did fairly well.

Daniel Pink's chapter left me with the hope that I can apply these extra senses to my future. To develop them in the following years to help further and increase my success.

P.S. The link to this quiz is 

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